Saturday, January 26, 2008

Random Pictures

This picture does not mean anything unless you know Joe Shumway. Joe is the master dishwasher loader (doesn't waste a bit of space anywhere) and Sam seems to think that he is taking after his father. The funny thing is I didn't take this picture...Sam took it one night when I was gone. Was he trying to show off a master piece or just prove that he does load the dishwasher once in a while?
I thought this was kind of a cool picture of Kinsee, Kenna, and friends. I'm trying to learn how to focus one thing in the picture and make the rest more blurry. Hmmm...I definately need practice.

Here is my boy hanging out in his carseat. I am feeling guilty for not posting more of my other kids. I guess there are just more opportunities to take pictures of Sammy since I'm home with him and the kids are in school.

I watched as Sammy laid out the blanket (actually the plastic table cloth I had used at enrichment the night before) and prepared the "baby" for a diaper change. He was getting ready to wipe his bum and he said," Ooo, sgusting" (disgusting). :)
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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Our Trip to Laramie

The kids love to slide down the stairs in the sleeping bag

Here they are in motion

Grandma is so patient with Sammy as he jumps into her a thousand times

He really could do this all day
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Our Trip to Laramie

We ate a delicious dinner (thank you, Grandpa) and then off to an awesome FHE by Grandma

Grandma was pointing out that we have real bodies unlike the stuffed animals--the kids loved it

They listened intently

Afterward, we all just hung out.
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Happy 2nd Birthday Sammy!

I had lots of help with his cake...thanks guys!!!

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Playing with friends and cousins

Dress up is a favorite at our house...

So is the big tub :)

Sammy and Kenna were playing so cute (Sammy might need a diaper change, eh?)

The kid is crazy ( I blame it on Sam)
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Silly Sammy

Sammy said to me, "bye mom...going shopping."
I told him I had to get his picture first.

I don't know if you can tell, but the guitar is covering his important parts :)

He always makes his funny sound when he's like brm, brm, brm and he gets a really serious face

He can turn a hard day into laughs and smiles...
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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sweet Cousins

We are so lucky that our cousins have moved to Cheyenne.

Grant is such a cute boy!

McKenna is so good to Sammy. A cute story...John's family sat across from us at church last Sunday and when Sammy realized that McKenna was there, he headed toward McKenna saying "Kenna, Kenna." She met him in the aisle and they hugged.

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Daniel's first basketball game of the season.

He is in the black uniform #6.

He did have a sweet pass during the buckets yet.

Time out maybe? Not sure.

If you look closely you can see Sam, John, and Marcella :)
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Post game pictures.

Here is our cousin and nephew, Grant.

Of course, Sammy wants in on the action.

Here McKenna is watching Uncle Sam hang Sammy from the hoop.

She wanted to try it out.
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The boy loves drums...

Sammy loves to drum so much.

The other day I was putting my make-up on and
Sammy ran by me and into my closet with the drumsticks....
this is what I found when I peeked in.
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