Thursday, January 22, 2009

Conner's thumb sucking, Sammy's birthday, and a much needed family get away

Conner is such a patient, sweet boy. When he is hungry he will start to fuss a little and lately (without really meaning to) I find myself trying to stretch out time between feedings because life is so busy...I'll think to myself...okay, I will hurry and finish (whatever project i am working on-cleaning, cooking, folding a batch of laundry, relief society stuff, helping sammy with something, practicing the piano...etc.) and then miraculously Conner becomes silent. When I go to check on him this is what I see-

Poor boy- he has found his thumb because his mom won't feed him.

Now I have experience with pacifiers..I know you can take them away. But thumbs?

I have heard nightmare stories about thumb I am working on getting him to take his pacifier again. Luckily he is very go with the flow about things.

But I still think it is pretty darn cute.

Sammy's Birthday!

He is officially three years old.

He got a big barn and shovel. He loves it!

Family Get Away
The kids didn't have school on Monday so we decided to head to Ft. Collins for an overnight trip. We had a lot of fun.

All of us in the hotel room. The kids think staying in a hotel is the best thing ever.

Maybe because it's an all access pass to the swimming pool.

Sammy preferred the hot tub...when he sat down in it he goes, "This is genius!"

Sam swimming with the kids. I was holding Conner who decided to cry about 5 minutes after I started swimming...get out of pool...get dry...and hold Conner the rest of the evening.

Sammy thought his bed should be in the wardrobe. Fine with us since he has a never ending cough. I didn't get pictures...but the kids loved the free breakfast in the morning (the waffles were delicious) and then we went shopping and miniature golfing. Fun times.