Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Our trip to the aquarium

We went to the aquarium in Denver. It was a fun family day.

We got to feed and pet sting rays.

Outside the aqaurium they had a huge bubble tent.

More sting rays.
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Mikinsee Ann

Finally I am posting a picture of Kinsee with her broken arm.

Kinsee was in heaven with Uncle P.J. and Aunt Steph's kitten.

My sad girl...she wasn't feeling well, but if she tilted her head like that
she felt a little better (that's what she told us)

Mikinsee is the middle pink girl doing her ballet dance at a community event.
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Something's not right here....

Sammy loves to wear girl shoes...whether they are mine or Kinsee's
or really any pair of girl shoes

This time he came out of Daniel's room wearing Daniel's clothes.
I helped him roll up the pants and then he was good to go.

Back to the girl thing....

Kinsee's crocks...hmmm
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Daniel's Baptism

Sam baptized Daniel on September 30, 2007. Sam also baptized one of Daniel's best friends, Dartanian.
They wanted to be baptized together and it was a wonderful, memorable evening.

Here are some pictures right after the boys were baptized.

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